About me

My name is Gabriela Marin, I am from Mendoza, Argentina, the city
of my love; where each landscape becomes a cluster of colors and vineyards. By admiring the art and culture of my land, I acquired the influence that I bring into my creations.

It is with my work that I try to bridge those craft techniques with the perspective of the urban and cosmopolitan city where I live today.
My inspiration lights up at night, when a light turns on in my thoughts by the sound of the crickets coming through my window, and the deep silence from everyone sleeping. In the 15 years that I have worked with jewelry, I have been able to explore my intimate world and express my feelings and emotions through each unique piece that I design.

I am passionate about colors, feelings and the history of life itself. My creations display recurrent geometric shapes where colors take on a special place and meaning.
I am interested in the texture of lines and shapes, and in a wide variety of materials like metals, ceramic, cords, among other things.

Each shape, color, material, texture and placement in the overall design, is a careful consideration, as well as the result of patient handwork. Many pieces are unique. I create a line of one of a kind and limited edition jewelry.

I also take custom orders if a customer  wishes so

Gabriela Marin